Halal Trade Delivery Assurance

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Enhancing halal trade, creating global opportunities

Halal Trade Delivery Assurance (HTDA) is a holistic quality benchmark that takes into consideration all aspects, at every stage, of a product or service lifecycle. It ensures a product or service meets all necessary purity and quality certifications, sustainability and ethical standards for consumers to make an informed choice.
HTDA aims to do this by providing the necessary training and education, and by accrediting products which have gone through its recognised enhanced halal check. Its wide-ranging platform also includes assurance and auditing, performance rating, global HT-Enhanced endorsement, and market access.


Halal Integrity & Assurance Audit

HTDA ensures through stringent audit a delivery that not only preserves the halal integrity of products and services. but also complies with ethical and fair trade practices. The HT-Enhanced endorsement on products is HTD’s assurance of this.

Halal Competency Training

The Halal Technical Competent Person (HTCP) is a talent development programme with an enhanced 40-module syllabus for halal industry practitioners and those with interest in the halal industry.

Product & Service Performance Rating

The HTDA rating is a global assurance that provides traceability of a products life cycle, from source to shelf, allowing customers to evaluate the halal products they are buying.

Market Access

Availablity of both on online and offline marketplace for the halal trade to thrive globally. This platform connects business and gives traders the opportunity to source and market their products.

Who should join?


Food & Beverages
Cosmetics & Personal Care


Banking & Takaful


Industrial Parks
R&D Testing Labs
Traceability System
Standard & Certification

Government Support

Human Capital

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