The Roles of HIS

HIS new corp logo 2018
Introducing Halal International Selangor (HIS), an initiative under the purview of the State Government of Selangor. HIS realises the true value of the GHTTI, aiming to capitalise on its market capacities so that more organisations can benefit from the gains of the trade.
HIS aspires to instil the global trade with trustworthiness, integrity, security and Halalan Toyyiban assurance for all.
How does HIS accomplish this? By facilitating the ecosystem in the GHTTI and connecting all the key players with one another, while opening up more opportunities for prospective Halal assured organisations looking to expand across international borders.


Leadership in single community, common global market

Strategic thrust

Trustworthy, Integrity, Security and Halalan Toyyiban Assurance

Strategic pillars

Singular, Seamless Global Capability and Capacity
Gracing Halalan Toyyiban products and services to all corners of the world to ease Affordability, Availability, Accessibility, Sustainability