10 Key Programmes

  • Real Estate


    HIS will focus on facilitating an environment that is suitable for the Halalan Toyyiban business and trade to co-exist within an integrated township development. Using the cluster approach, sectors will be demarcated accordingly with facilities and support services.

  • Delivery Assurance


    HIS will be working with strategic partners, develop, organize, manage and operate using a systematic approach that ensures a harmonised assurance scheme for global reach capacity and capabilities. These assurances enhance trade opportunities thus allowing more Halalan Toyyiban products and services to be readily accessible, available, sustainable and affordable anywhere and anytime worldwide.

  • Distribution Chain


    Without the active participation and compliances of the stakeholders and players, the global supply value chain would result in the ‘Farm to Table’ Halalan Toyyiban assurance of products and services integrity being compromised and damaged. The capability to deliver collectively this value proposition is one of the unique differentiating factors in facilitating the entry of new players into the global Halalan Toyyiban trade and industry.

  • Market Development


    Market development provides global market opportunities for traders of Halalan Toyyiban products and services through the e-platform provided by HIS in collaboration with strategic partners. With this borderless marketing platform, B2B, B2C and C2C companies listed under HIS can take their Halalan Toyyiban business international.

  • Capacity Development


    The significant part of any business is the ability to expand internally and externally within the requirement of its business growth. We have the required environment and infrastructure for Halalan Toyyiban trade and industry to thrive successfully. We have all the linkages within the ecosystem to equip businesses for expansion globally including a digital platform for global Halalan Toyyiban trade and industry access and a comprehensive physical Halalan Toyyiban hub to undertake future expansion.

  • Industry Development


    The Halalan Toyyiban factor is a primary determinant and as such priority is given to ensure all stakeholders are properly advised and assisted to ensure Halal competency of both premises and processes. Constant consultation will be encouraged as the success of HIS is underpinned by its ability to guarantee Halalan Toyyiban assurance to consumers.

  • Human Capital Development


    HIS is committed towards developing human capital with expertise and knowledge in the Halalan Toyyiban business through Shariah Technical Competent Person (HTCP) international programmes which are recognised worldwide. This programme will enable businesses that are in the process of getting Halal approval to access the Halalan Toyyiban trade and industry faster and more easily.

  • Licensing and Royalties


    HIS will fully support Intellectual Property Rights, Patent protection and will promote as well as market such products via a global franchising and licensing programme, thus enabling owners of such rights to obtain immediate access to HIS collaborative partners’ market. It is expected that the IPR and Patent right owner’s products and services will obtain a quantum leap visibility and profitability.

  • Funding and Financing


    Malaysia is a global leader in Islamic Banking offering various products and instruments. HIS will mobilise, develop and secure fundings and financial resources for our collaborative partners of global Halalan Toyyiban trade and industry from the traditional and non-traditional sources. If the need arises we will initiate, develop, promote and create new instruments, envisage new money creation from waqf, zakat and sadkh asset and source.

  • Lifestyle


    Global trade impacts the lifestyle of consumers regardless of where they are. Our far reaching programmes are not designed for trade purposes alone but expected towards improving the various trends of lifestyles. Special attentive care will be devoted to meet the spirits and aspirations of the younger generation and thus activities like sports, social communication, leisure, entertainment, traveling, etc. will experience and share this new global benchmark and standards.